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Haidach SY 21/22 (2)

Haidach SY 21/22 (2)

Storage location

Haidach (market area THE)

Allocation date

11/03/2021, 11:00–11:30 CET

Contract period


Allocation mode/Pricing

Key procedure/Pay-as-bid



Capacity on offer

405.3 GWh

Structure firm*

128 / 147 [days]

Structure interr.**

88 / 89 [days]

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Bundle structure


Volume firm

Volume interr.

Injection firm

Injection interr.

Withdrawal firm

Withdrawal interr.


 40,530,000 kWh 

11,500 kWh/h 

 7,500 kWh/h 

 13,200 kWh/h 

 5,800 kWh/h 

Price model

Storage feeFixed price
Variable injection fee

0 €/MWh

Variable withdrawal fee

0 €/MWh

Service fee

0 €


Technical limitations

Renomination lead time delivery point 1

2 h

Renomination lead time delivery point 2

2 h

Technical lead times

Min flow

Transport / Delivery Points




Market Area

Point-ID entry/exit

Offered Transport Capacity

Delivery point 1

USP Haidach

bayernets GmbH



FZK, bFZKtemp, DZK, UBK 

Delivery point 2

Speicher Haiming 3-Haidach

Open Grid Europe GmbH



bFZKtemp, UBK

Injection Curve

IR [%] = WGV [%] x (–2) + 240

Withdrawal Curve

WR [%] = WGV [%] x 1.3333 + 60

Miscallaneous / Comments

No curve applies to interruptible capacity.

Free of charge usage of capacity between curve and nominal capacity on best effort basis (until further notice).

Capacity fully allocated.

open PRISMA Capacity Platform

Additional capacities and services

Additional capacities

There is more for you. Short-term capacities from within-day to all year round. 

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Time is money. We take over your storage status report to the authorities.  

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*min. time to fully inject/withdraw using firm rates without consideration of storage curves 
** min. time to fully inject/withdraw using firm and interruptible rates without consideration of storage curves