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Additional capacities and services.

Optimise your storage contract or book additional services.

Additional capacities and services

Get more out of your storage contracts: With additional capacities, which can be booked 24/7, without significant lead time and at an attractive fixed price on Prisma. You will also find a wide range of services in addition to the storage contracts. 


Additional capacities

There is more for you. Short-term capacities from within-day to all year round. 

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Interruptible services

Here you will find all useful information about interruptible capacities: Ranking, reduction rules and ways to avoid interruptions.

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Time is money. We take over your storage status report to the authorities.  

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Transfer services

Our transfer services offer our customers various possibilities: Secondary trading, contract transfer and many more. 

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Storage products

Auction products

Pay-as-bid. Bid on our latest capacity offers via Prisma.

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Special products

As dynamic as the markets: You can find our current offers here. 

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Standard products

pack, add, part. SEFE Storage has the following standardised storage products at all three storage facilities.  

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