Market survey

Germany is pursuing the ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions massively and achieving greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045. With the publication of the national hydrogen strategy, the German government has laid the basis for the development of the hydrogen economy in Germany, thus demonstrating an essential component on the way to greenhouse gas neutrality.

SEFE Storage, as part of the SEFE Group, is taking on a relevant role in the energy transition and is pursuing the clear goal of being a pioneer in the field of hydrogen storage. For this purpose, the conceptual design of a hydrogen storage facility at the Jemgum storage site is currently being worked on with special priority.

Jemgum is the ideal location to develop a large-scale hydrogen storage facility. The geological structures have a high potential for expansion and the proximity to the planned core network of the transmission system operators make the location in East Frisia particularly attractive. Moreover, there are high power generation potentials in spatial proximity, which additionally distinguishes the location.

To design the hydrogen storage facility technically as close as possible to the needs of the future hydrogen market, SEFE Storage conducted a non-binding market survey in the period from 30 October to 17 November. Further information will be published in due course.

Interested parties were invited to participate in the survey and provide their estimated storage needs.

The reports received will be used on the one hand for the technical designing and dimensioning phase of the H2 storage facility and on the other hand serve as a start for further constructive discussions on the perspective booking of hydrogen storage capacities.

Let us shape the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy together!

Feel free to reach out!

Robert Ritz

Commercial Project Manager Hydrogen Storage